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SRA Mumbai Contact Directory

Shri. Satish Lokhande, IAS CEO ceo[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
Smt. Bharti Sakpal PA to CEO      
Shri. Ranjit Dhakne Secretary secretary[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
Shri. Sevagiri Gosavi PA to Secretary      
Engineering Department
Shri. R. B. Mitkar Dy.Chief Engineer1 dyce1[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
-- Dy. Chief Engineer2 dyce2[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
  Executive Engineer-I ee1[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
Shri. P. B. Pawar Executive Engineer-II ee2[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
Shri. M. A. Wani Executive Engineer-III ee3[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
  Executive Engineer-IV ee4[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
Shri. G. B. Gagare Executive Engineer-V ee5[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
-- Assistant Engineer 1 ae1[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
-- Assistant Engineer 2 ae2[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
-- Assistant Engineer 3 ae3[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
-- Assistant Engineer 4 ae4[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
-- Assistant Engineer 5 ae5[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
-- Assistant Engineer 6 ae6[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
-- Assistant Engineer 7 ae7[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
-- Assistant Engineer 8 ae8[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
-- Assistant Engineer 9 ae9[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
-- Assistant Engineer 10 ae10[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
-- Assistant Engineer 11 ae11[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
-- Assistant Engineer 12 ae12[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
-- Assistant Engineer 13 ae13[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
-- Assistant Engineer 14 ae14[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
-- Assistant Engineer 15 ae15[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
-- Sub Engineer-1 se1[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
-- Sub Engineer-2 se2[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
-- Sub Engineer-3 se3[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
-- Sub Engineer-4 se4[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
-- Sub Engineer-5 se5[at]    
-- Sub Engineer-6 se6[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
-- Sub Engineer-7 se7[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
-- Sub Engineer-8 se8[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
-- Sub Engineer-9 se9[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
-- Sub Engineer-10 se10[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
-- Sub Engineer-11 se11[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
-- Sub Engineer-12 se12[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
-- Sub Engineer-13 se13[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
Shri Vijay Andhere Head Clerk-Engineering Department headclerk[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
Finance Department
Shri. Manesh Waghirkar Finance Controller fc[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
Shri. kishor Sankhe Account Officer 1 ao1[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
-- Account Officer 2 ao[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
Deputy Collector Department
Shri. Vishwas Gujar Dy. Collector dycollws[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
Shri. Balasaheb Tidke Dy. Collector dycolles[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
  Dy. Collector dycollcity[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
Shri. Umesh Patil Tahsildar 1 tahsildar1[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
Shri. Uttam Kumbhar Tahsildar 2 tahsildar2[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
Shri. Umesh Patil Tahsildar 3 tahsildar2[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
Shri. Ravindra Kamtekar Nayab Tahsildar1 nt1[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
Smt. Snehal Joshi Nayab Tahsildar2 nt2[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
Shri. Mohan Zingade Nayab Tahsildar3 nt3[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
-- Nayab Tahsildar4 nt4[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
-- Nayab Tahsildar5 nt5[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
CTSO Department
Shri. Suryakant More District Supritendent of Land Records dslr[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
Co-operative Department
-- Joint Registrar jtr[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
Smt. Sandhya Bawankule Assistant Registrar 1 ar1[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
Shri. Chetan Chaudhari Assistant Registrar 2 ar2[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
Town Planning Department
Shri. Prakash Thakur Dy. Director tp[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
Legal Department
Shri. Suhas Reddy Chief Legal Consultant, SRA lcsra[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
Shri. S. H. Ujjainwala Chief Legal Consultant, AGRC agrc[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
 Smt. Anita Thakur Dy. Legal Advisor, AGRC dyla[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
Administrative Department
Shri. Dilip Bagne Administrative Officer adminoff[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
Information Technology Department
Shri. Harshad Karade Information Technology Officer  ito[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
Shri. Ajay Kamble Asst. IT Officer aito[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
Public Relation Department
Shri. Harish Varade Public Relation Officer pro[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
-- General Communication info[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    

SRA Thane  Contact Directory

-- Dy. Collector 1 Dycoll1[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
  Dy. Collector 2 Dycoll2[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
  Dy. Collector 3 Dycoll3[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in    
 -- General Communication thane[at]sra[dot]gov[dot]in