About Us

Welcome to Slum Rehabilitation Authority

The Government of Maharashtra has launched a comprehensive slum rehabilitation scheme by introducing an innovative concept of using land as a resource and allowing incentive floor space index (FSI) in the form of tenements for sale in the open market, for cross-subsidization of the slum rehabilitation tenements which are to be provided free to the slum-dwellers.


Jurisdiction of SRA

As per the provision 3A(1) of Chapter I-A of Maharashtra Slum Areas ( Improvement, Clearance and Redevelopment) Act, 1971 State Government of Maharashtra vide Housing and Special assistance Department notification no. SRP/1095/CR37/Housing Cell, dated 16 December 1995 and through necessary statuary amendments has established Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA), Mumbai to serve as Planning Authority for all Slum areas in the jurisdiction of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai. Subsequently by Govt. of Maharashtra Hosting Department Notification no. SRP 1001/CR2017/14/SRI-1 dated 11 September 2014, area of the Thane Municipal Corporation has been added in the jurisdiction of SRA


SRA's Responsibilities

It is the endeavor of SRA to implement the slum rehabilitation schemes by providing a single window clearance for all types of approvals that are required for the project namely formation of co-operative societies, certification of eligibility of slum-dwellers, taking punitive action on non-participating slum-dwellers obstructing the scheme, survey and measurement on slum lands grant of building permissions, leasing of rehabilitation plots and free-sale plots and updating of property cards (PR cards).

The powers, duties and functions of the Slum Rehabilitation Authority are :

  1. To survey and review existing position regarding Slum areas in greater Mumbai.
  2. To formulate schemes for rehabilitation of slum areas.
  3. To get the slum rehabilitation scheme implemented.
  4. To do all such other acts and things as may be necessary for achieving the objective of rehabilitation of slums.


SRA as a Planning Authority

Slum Rehabilitation Authority has been given a status of corporate entity with effect from 3rd January 1997. It is an independent autonomous body. By amendment carried out to the Maharashtra Regional & Town Planning (MR & TP) A ct 1966. SRA has been declared as a planning authority, to function as a local authority for the area under its jurisdiction. The Chief Executive Officer, SRA has been delegated the powers exercisable under various sections of the MR & TP Act, 1966 by the State Government by its notifications UDD No. TPV 4396 / 492 /CR -105 / UD-11, dated 13th September 1996. By an amendment to the MR & TP Act 1966. SRA has been empowered to prepare and submit proposals for modification to the Development Plan of Greater Mumbai.